My exchange partner's name is Gazel . She is fourteen years old, she lives in Horncastle. She has three little brothers . She likes doing shopping, playing the piano and she likes pets. She is very nice and friendly, we get along together. We have a lot in common. She had a very good relation ship with all the family. I appreciated her good temper, she was never moody or unfriendly. She is oppen-minded, she accepted to try everything we ate and she even asked to taste snails ! The thing is she didn't like them at all. We have the same tasts : we both like taking care of pets (even she hasn't got any), we both like music and shopping.

Gazel found very weird to have dinner at eight or night o'clock because in England, she has dinner at six. In her school, pupils wear uniforms so she was surprised to see that we don't wear any.

On Saturday morning, we went to the market and in the afternoon, we did some shopping in Cahors with Amandine and her exchange partner Olivia, who is Gazel's friend. In the evening, we went to the bowling with all the French class and their exchange partners. We had a good time, I think she really enjoyed it. On Sunday, we went to the Dordogne at my grand parent's house and we had lunch. In the afternoon, we visited Sarlat.

During the week, we played « wii », we watched two films, we took some pictures and we went on facebook...

I would have liked us to go shopping in Toulouse but we didn't have enough time.

I would have liked her to stay an other week-end because one week is a bit short.

We sometimes spoke in French but we mostly spoke in English. She learnt a few sentences and I think I have improved my English a little.

I am really looking foward to going over there to meet Gazel's family, discover their way of life and their country.