My penfriend is Olivia . Olivia's mother is Zoë and her father is Martin. She has got a litlle brother, his name is Charly. Olivia likes dogs. She has got a dog , its name is Ben. Olivia is 13 years old. She likes tennis ans swimming. My relationships with her is very good. She is very nice and friendly. She is not shy. Olivia is talkative and she talks all the time ! We had a lot of common .I think my penfriend appreciates the french way of life because she likes much french food. On the first weekend, on saturday morning we went to the local market and we visited the cathedral of Cahors. In the afternoon we went to the supermarket and after we went shopping in Cahors. In the evening, we went to the restaurant and after in bowling. On sunday morning, we did a bike ride in Cahors. On sunday afternoon Olivia cooked us an english speciality : White chocolate cramberry oatmeal cookies. In the evening, we played the wii. I would have like to go to Toulouse and Rocamadour because this city and this village are beautiful. On tuesday night, we went to Zumba together. Zumba is a south American dance. I would have liked to go in « le gouffre de Padirac » but I couldn't because she went with her class. I wish they could have stayed longer ( two weeks instead of only one ! ). She was talking all the time in english with me. I was pleased to meet her. I am looking forward to going over there in march because I would like to meet her family and discover for the very first time England.