First of all I would like to say I was very happy for meeting James. He is a very nice boy, he is funny because James is a little dreamy.

He lives with his mother and his sister in the week and with his father et the week-ends. He likes sport, like me. I don't speak very well english and he doesn't speak good french but we understood eachother. He is easy going and friendly. He likes my little brother and he spoke with my parents . He likes every french meals. I think he liked our activities.

On the first week-end, we went to my rugby match but I couldn't finish my match. We went to the little town «  Caltelnau-Montratier » to see my girl friends. We went to the bowling, in the evening, with everybody. On Sunday , we walked in Cahors with Julien, Carla, Anaïs and their penfriends. But it started to rain, so we went to the cinema to see «  Taken 2 ».

Everyday, after class, during the “English” week, we went to discover the city.

I regret I just spoke with the other penfriends only on Friday but I am happy for meeting them.

During this exchange , I improved in English.

I am looking foward to going to England to see all the English Friends.