My exchange partner is Amelia Holt . She has got two brothers , two alf-brothers and one sister. She lives with her mother and her step-father. She is very funny,nice,friendly,talkative,and easy going ! She likes almost everything . She doesn't like fish and mushrooms. Our relationship was very good all the week and the relationship with my family was good too . I appreciated all about her. She got easily used to my way of life, she tried to eat all the food everyday . She said that she liked all, she never said that she didn't like something. During the week-end , on Saturday we slept late in the morning. Amelia and my mother went to the marcket and after, we went to do shopping in all trendy shops . In the evening we went to the bowling with my family and so many friends. On Sunday, we slept late in the morning too, we stayed in my house and we played to the Wii . In the afternoon we went to the cinema to watch the film " Taken 2 " and in the evening we went to the restaurant.In the week , in the evening, we played to the Wii , we went on facebook , we watched TV or we spoke ! I would have liked to go for a bike ride, go to the swimming-pool and so many other things but we couldn't because I had homeworks and because the weather was rainy . I regret they couldn't stay here longer. During this week I improved my english . I everyday tried to speak in English. Amelia speaks French well enough . She everyday spoke in french . I think that she improved her french too. I'm looking forward to going to England because I 'm sure that it will be the best travel ever .

Baptiste Monteil