Hello,My name is Bastien and I'm the Lauren's penfriend

She hasn't got any brother or sister

Her mum is a secretary and her dad is a lawyer

She likes pastas,pizzas and orange juice but not vegetables !

She is shy and polite but after the first week end she was more sociable and more happy to see her friends

She's got a good french and I tried to do my best in English but I had to translate everythig my parents want to say because they don't speack english very well.

In the weekend,we did all those activities :

On Saturday,we have been to the market in the morning to buy some organic vegetables

In the afternoon, we have done some dance,I think that if she has some other lessons, she can do some "freeze" on the floor

In the evening, we have been to the bowling with all the class.

On Sunday,in the morning,we have gone for a ride in the forest to see the wildlife

In the afternoon,we have been for a walk in Cahors, we have seen the church and the Valentré Bridge.

We have had a very good week, Lauren has been more smiling and more sociable during that period,

we have bought a very little dictionnary t o Lauren and for her family,

Lauren has been to all our activities (judo,poney,dance...)

The exchange has been very good for me and I think that my english has improved.

I'm very happy and I hope that Lauren had a good week