I'm Faniry Randriamahazaka,Tristan English's penfriend. He's 15 and he lives in Horncastle in England. He's got a 12 year-old sister and 2 half-brothers. Our relationships was very good because he's very nice and friendly. Moreover, he enjoys doing sports, playing,having fun ; just like me. So, everybody in my family appreciated him. When he arrived at home, we were very shy and we didn't talk a lot and after the second day he finally got used to the French way of life : having a very late dinner, eating a lot of bread etc...

The weekend was great!!!!!

On the Saturday morning,we stayed at home and we slept very late, so we didn't do anything before lunch. In the afternoon we watched a rugby match and we play basketball in the stadium. In the evening, we went to the bowling with our friends. I think it was the best activity we have done during the trip. But,if we had been allowed to do paintball or karting, we could have done it together. On the Sunday, we visited Carcassonne and its medieval town. It was interesting but a bit boring.

After my classes and his activities, we stayed at home or went into town and in the evening we often watched a movie ( with english subtitles of course!!!)

During this wonderful week, I improved my England a lot and I hope Tristan improved his French level too. In the begining, it may be very difficult for him to talk with me and understand my questions but he was courageous and he finally got used to hear my accent. I've just one regret,it would be even more amazing if he had stayed in France for just another weekend, like that, we could have had even more fun. Now, I'm looking forward to March and I hope this trip will be funny and great.

good bye!!!;) Faniry.