My opinion on the exchange … so far

My guest's name is Will Sharpe, he is tall and very friendly, he has got a sister, her name is Amy, she's older than him and his father is a market gardener and her mother is a cleaner. He eats almost everithing. He was a very good friend, very funny. About him, I liked the fact than he was feeling at ease with me and my parents ; the relationships with my family was good. I think that my way of life was good for Will. He has liked all the meals that my mother or my father had cooked. I think that what he liked the best was bowling on the first weekend and I think he didn't like the morning at school on Friday. On the first weekend, on saturday Will went to watch my handball match with my father during one hour it was in the afternoon and just before the match we went and eat pizzas. At 9 O'clock we went to play bowling with all the others guests and with my friends, it was very good, and on Sunday we went to play to the « billard hollandais », in the morning and in the afternoon we went to walk my sister to her dance classes. And in the evening, we watched a film on tv in english, eating lots of sweets. I would have liked to go and play paintball but I didn't have time, it's not important because it was very good anyway. I regret that they didn't stay longer. I think my english has evolved during this exchange with the English highschool QEGS ! And for Will, I think he has learned some vocabulary, I think he has a little improved too ! Thanks to Mr. Hichard and Mrs Rigby for this wonderful exchange ! It was very good !

Julien Lahaine