My exchange partner is Cameron. He has two brothers but he lives with his mother. He is very nice. He didn't speak a lot. He had a good relationship with me and my parents. He lives in the countryside, one hour from his school. On the first week-end, on Saturday night, we have been to the bowling and on Sunday afternoon, we have seen Taken 2 at the cinema. In the week-end, we have played tennis together. On the school days, we have woken up at 6.50 am. At night, we have played tennis together. It isn't the same English which is spoken by English that the one we learn at school. It's very different. I didn't like to go to school when they were visiting the area. It was cool when they've been in class with us on Wednesday morning. He was happy when we asked him if his day was good. He had never been in France before. I think he's happy of the trip. Every night, he wrote on a copybook but I don't know what he wrote. I'm looking foward to going there because I imagine that it will be very good to go in another country for one week. So I'm looking foward to being in March and to seeing Cameron and other English friends.