Histoire écrite par Elsa et Océanne.


A Christian English family moved to a little village called Jackland in the USA. A couple of weeks after, it was Halloween. Step by step, houses got decorated. Gregoiert was Oliver and Sylvia's son. His new friends invited him to celabrate Halloween but his parents refused every single invitation.But , on Halloween Night, little Gregoiert carved his Jack'o Lantern. He placed it on his bedroom window so his parents wouldn't see it and he went to bed.

When midnight rang, strange noises woke him up.Little Gregoiert was horrified. His door slowly opened. He saw a white hand holding the handle. The little boy hid underneath his blanket. It was only his mother."Gregoiert?". he didn't answer. His mother was going back to bed when she saw her son 's Jack'o Lantern. She opened the window and blew the candle out.

  As soon as she left the room, scary witches, skeletons, goblins,ghouls haunted the place. A very frightening witch pulled Gregoiert's blanket. He saw her hideous face staring at him. He was so petrified that he rushed out of his room,went down the stairs, slammed the front door, ran down the lane followed by all kinds of creatures, turned left in a dark street overlooked by evil spirits and disappeared into the night...