Aimée has one sister and his father works in the R.A.F and his mother is admin Clark. Aimée likes “one direction”, she tested all the food we proposed. During the exchange, we have played, listenned to music and spoken of all. She was really friendly with my mother, they are girls... They both love tea, chocolate….. she’s good accustomed too the French way of life. When with my mother we have discovered

that she drinks tea for his breakfast ,we laugh and said «so British !» .

She has liked bowling and the surprise for her birthday (when we went to eat at the kebab with her best friends). On the first week-end, we went to Douelle to see the paragliders and after we have visited St-Vincent de rives d’Olt and Luzech. In the evening we went to play bowling with all participants of the exchange. On our track we had Baptiste, Baptiste’s brother, Amelia, Aimée and me. Sunday we went to see Taken 2 at the cinema for her birthday with Carla, Gaetan, Julien, Anais, Maxime, Baptiste and their partners. After, she helped me to chose pictures for a contest.

I think that we haven’t spend a lot of time with our exchange partner and with the other participants. Now my English is better and his French is better. It’s perfect ! I can’t wait five month. I’m sure that it’ll be amazing. I am looking forward to seeing Aimée….And I’m so happy that she is my partner.